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Town of Melk, Austria

Wachau Valley, Austria

During our four-night stay in Vienna, we devoted one day to exploring the Wachau Valley, the historic and pastoral region along the banks of the Danube only an…

Innere Stadt, Vienna, Austria

The Innere Stadt is Vienna’s historic central district encircled by the illustrious Ringstrasse. Packed to the gills with incredible architecture and history, I decided it’d be best for…

Schloss Belvedere, Vienna, Austria

Schloss Belvedere, Vienna, Austria

One of the most delightfully surprising moments of our trip to Vienna occurred when we stumbled upon the majestic gardens of Schloss Belvedere. From the sumptuously elegant Sans…

Bicycle-Friendly Neubau, Vienna, Austria

Neubau & the Ringstrasse, Vienna, Austria

Last fall, the Well-Traveled Fella planned a tour of Vienna and Budapest, and Charles’ two oldest friends from childhood, Meryl and Sharon, tagged along. Here are some scenes…


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