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I love hearing from fellow globetrotters. If you have a recommendation or would like to provide feedback, please leave a comment or send an email to:
greg {at} welltraveledfella {dot} com


  1. kate kavanagh

    nice pages – how do I sign for updates? 🙂

    • The Well-Traveled Fella

      Thanks Kate! Check back frequently – my goal is two new posts per week, but I think you can also add it to your RSS feed.

  2. These blogs just keep getting better and better. I can really feel the atmosphere of your trips. Thanks for sharing

  3. Greg,

    What a fabulous blog site. I will frequent it often for great information. Please consider blogging the St. Augustine area so that I may be up on all of the wonderful places to eat and experience there. Thank you!

  4. Beth Stricof

    I absolutely love welltraveledfella!!!! I would plan whole trips around your recommendations. The photos are fabulous too!
    I’m a fan!!!!

  5. Shweta Chitlangia

    Amazing Travelogue Greg! Truly inspiring!

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