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It was a balmy spring afternoon in Savannah, and I was looking for somewhere to escape the heat. I didn’t want to head back to the hotel but it was just too hot to walk around, and so I made my way to Forsyth Park. The 30 acre space is over 150 years old, and is a center point for the residential area that lies south of Savannah’s historic district. With a book in one hand, a bottle of water in the other, and my camera around my neck, I moseyed down Bull Street toward the park’s main entrance.

As I crossed over Gaston Street, I was welcomed by a shaded canopy of live oaks dripping with Spanish moss. Continuing down the path, I came upon an elegant fountain that I later discovered was modeled after the water feature at the center of Place de la Concorde in Paris. Ringing the fountain was a row of benches beckoning my name to sit, and so I did. It felt several degrees coolor perched near the fountain’s perimeter, and every now and then a breeze would blow a refreshing mist in my direction. I had just discovered the perfect spot to brave the notorious Savannah heat.

So the next time you’re in Savannah and it feels too hot or humid to do anything, remember the fountain in Forsyth Park.

(Last visited in May, 2011)


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